Facility Administration


Below are studios I managed at Evergreen by cleaning and organizing; testing, troubleshooting, and repairing equipment for; and computer system-administrating.


Audio Lab

Audio Lab Studio Window view

Audio Lab Studio Instrument view

Audio Lab

The Audio Lab is mainly used by introductory audio recording students. The recording studio houses a drum set, an upright piano, two small organs, and a bass guitar & amp. This room has multiple microphone inputs and three small mixers for headphone cues. The control room has two consoles (the Toft ATB and Yamaha 02R), outboard analog processing gear, an Otari 8-track tape machine, two MOTU 828 sound cards, and a variety of DAWs including Digital Performer and Logic.


Sound Effects Lab

SFX Lab Station

SFX Lab Foley Pit

SFX Lab Foley Prop Rack

The sound effects studio is used primarily for creating sound for film. There are numerous objects to create sound with and Foley pits (sand pit, stone pit, straw pit, etc.) for walking sequences.


Mix Benches

Mix Bench 1

Mix Bench 2

The mix benches are 24-hour suites used by students to do simple recordings, mix, and listen to their projects.


Music Oasis

Oasis workstation

Oasis Rack

Oasis-AMPEX 1200 16-Track Tape Machine

Oasis Piano

Oasis-Werlitzer, Organ, Fender Rhodes

Oasis Drum Set

The Music Oasis was the temporary location for the 16-track studio, while the original studio was getting remodeled. This studio was mainly used by the advanced audio recording students. This facility featured an API 2488 recording console, outboard analog rack gear, an AMPEX 1200 16-track tape machine, an Otari 8-track tape machine, a grand piano, drum set, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, and a Trek II organ.



Since these were taken, the Multi-Track studio has been relocated to it’s original home in the Communications Building of Evergreen (Room 118) and the API 2488 console was sold. In it’s place, the college was able to purchase a brand new Neve 5088 Recording Console

Neve 5088

Performance Room



Studio 111A

111A Vignette

Com 111A Control Room

Com 110 Screen


Studio 111A in Evergreen’s Communications Building, is another audio recording facility used by both intro and advanced students. Students who are proficient, have access to the API 1608 analog console and the adjacent orchestral hall. The orchestral hall is used as a class, performance and recording room. This room has a grand piano, drum set, and has a wonderful natural resonance.


Studio 212

Com 212 Control Room

Com 212 Station


Studio 212, also located in the Comm. Building, is nearly identical to 111A, in terms of recording equipment. The newly remodeled recital hall next door to it, is used as a class, performance, and recording room. The acoustics were also refined in the renovation of this space.