Multi-track Engineering

Below are a few examples of recordings I’ve engineered and produced while at Evergreen.



This song was part of a class compilation. The female vocalist was recorded with two Neumann U87s, set three feet apart. No processing was involved except for light equalization; the orchestral hall provided the natural resonance. Performance and lyrics by Sarah Hansen.


This track was recorded for the Multi-track Composition course, Spring 2013.  I’m drawn to the experimental approach in my compositions. My focus was to experiment with outboard analog processors for my voice and software instrument plug-ins for background textures. This piece was composed, performed, engineered, and mixed by me, but I originally created it for 5.1 surround sound.


Return of the Countess

As the audio engineer of this multi-track project, I used Sennheiser, Electro Voice, and AKG microphones (to name a few); Digital Performer as my digital audio workstation (DAW); and the API 2488 as the recording console. It is featured on the 2013 Evergreen Student Media Project. Composition, guitar, vocals, bass: Michael Ward. Drums: Sam Scarpelli.


Rabid.Ear.Moments (R.E.M.)

For this electronic experimental piece, recorded using Digital Performer, I focused on learning the Frankensynth analog synthesizer to express my interpretation of a dream. It is also included on the 2013 Evergreen Student Media Project. I still consider it be a work-in-progress since I want to mix it for surround sound.