Teaching played a pivotal role in my education at Evergreen and allowed me to be more effective in helping others advance their own skills. Documentation was another important factor in providing reference for student users.

The first three examples involve analog consoles that I’ve taught students and faculty how to use. Each one has its own schematic (click the link below their photo to view in a new tab). The schematics are used as a map of sorts, to follow a signal from the source (mic or line inputs) all the way through the console to the output. The students were given a series of lessons instructed by me or another staff, in small groups and individually, explaining where the path goes, what certain symbols mean, and what they do along the way. Once they were confident enough to explain and understand the signal path without assistance, the students (individually) would take a proficiency test proctored by me or another staff.

The fourth example involves a PDF I created in InDesign that serves as reference documentation in the Sound Effects lab, should one have difficulty in operating that facility.

The final examples on this page are some informative web presentations I’ve created using


Toft ATB

Audio Lab Control Room Toft ATB

Toft Signal Flow.PDF

The Toft ATB 16-track analog console has been taught to the intro to audio recording classes the past couple of years. I learned it shortly before I taught it, but it was through teaching that I better understood it.

API 1608

Com 111A API 1608 2

API 1608 Signal Flow.PDF

The API 1608 is another 16-track analog console.  It has eight busses, eight echo sends/returns, VU meters to view levels, and is wired for surround sound as well. This is an excellent recording console.


API 2488

Oasis workstation

API 2488 Signal Flow.PDF

Saved the best signal flow for last, the API 2488. This legendary console series has been used by the likes of Aerosmith and Led Zepplin, among other highly notable acts. Evergreen has been very fortunate to have had its own for so many years and the students have been the real beneficiaries by having access and operation to it.

The signal flow for this console is arguably the most clear and concise of the three listed here. This was my favorite board to learn and teach, not to mention the pre-amps of this unit give recordings an amazing sound.

It was sold in 2014 and a brand new 32 channel Neve was purchased in its place. Long, live the 2488, you will never be forgotten!


SFX Reference Document

I uploaded this file to an Evergreen Wiki page as well as the local computer in that room.


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Sound For The Moving Image