Back Burner

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. Time Flies.. A lot has happened since my last post. I had to put the Cascade video project on hold (I hope to finalize it, someday!). I was given a responsibility upgrade at Cascade since the last time I posted here. Not only that I actually have been hired full-time at… Read more →

This week

Whooo-eee what a week it has been. Anyways, I’ve had something else of priority take up my time lately so I had to pause with my Cascade video editing. I should be about 75% done with just the video part, but like I said I want to relearn Ableton. So after I finish video edits I’ll watch all Ableton videos… Read more →

Cascade Video

I watched all the videos on CS6 Premiere Pro Essentials on And I’ve been working on the video in my spare time. It might take some time before I post it because I might add in my own music, but I want to re-teach myself Ableton and create something from that. Stay tuned! Read more →

Time Flies

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already almost May! Feels like I just posted on here yesterday.   As of late I’ve been busy exercising and eating right, and educating myself about financial literacy. But I have also still been doing some audio/media! I took my Zoom to Cascade one day and recorded some sounds that I’ll need to edit and… Read more →

Zoom H4N

Yesterday I purchased a used, but in good condition Zoom H4N mobile recording device! It was a personal favorite of mine for field recordings and other audio recording.  I prefer it over the comparable Olympus LS-100.  The Zoom seemed more intuitive to use and took less time to just go out and get the recording. I will admit, I am… Read more →

Wwise Course update

All 8 lessons completed! Next step is taking the test. It costs $195.00, but passing the test gives you an official Audiokinetic Wwise-101 End User Certification endorsement (includes a downloadable certificate as proof of accomplishment) and an opportunity to be listed on the Wwise Creators Directory to be located on Audiokinetic’s website. Read more →


I have almost completed Audiokinetic’s Wwise Online Certification Course! Only a couple lessons to go and then the test, which should be available for access this coming Wednesday. What is Wwise you ask? It’s an “industry standard  audio engine,used to integrate sounds into the most successful titles in video games”. Very awesome and amazing program to use. For more info… Read more →


Since November, I’ve been working part-time at Cascade Microphones, in Olympia, WA. As I’ve explained in my LinkedIn profile “At Cascade, we prepare microphones for packaging and shipment to our customers. When the mics arrive from the factory, we open each box, test each mic, and check for cosmetic issues. We then prepare them for shipment once they have met… Read more →