About Me

Over the last few years I’ve taken control of my future by pursuing my passion in becoming an Audio Engineer/Sound Designer. My education from The Evergreen State College has given me experience in live sound, broadcast audio, studio engineering and producing, sound design for film, and other multimedia aspects. It has also given me the tools necessary to not only maintain a variety of audio studios as well as troubleshoot issues, but to instruct and become a leader/mentor to others.

My interdisciplinary approach to education and media has broadened my knowledge in other forms of media, as well as seek collaborative experience. Other interests include: equipment repair, design (in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign), video recording and editing, and many other elements of pre/live/post production.

Being dynamic in the world of media and persistent in consistently learning, I will continue to add to and sharpen my skill-set and forever be a student.


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